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Ceci Wu

Ceci has become yoga instructor since 2019. She believes it is the best way to share her passion, experience and benefit of yoga to the others.
Ceci has expertises in aerial yoga and wheel yoga. She also teaches power, core and slim yoga which are suitable for practitioners who want to build up body strength.
Except yoga, Ceci also experienced in Pilates and Barre can help you achieve different fitness goals

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Yuko Cheung

Yuko believes yoga is for everyone. Asana may look different on each individual, as everyone differs from various factors, such as age and body structure. By understanding how yoga works in our body and mind, we can gain lifelong benefits. She wishes to provide a motivating and nourishing learning environment, where students can explore their potential safely and mindfully.

She is a certified RYT 200 yoga teacher in Hatha and Aerial Yoga. She has also gained certifications in Aerial Dance, Children Fitness and Physioyoga.

Hannah Chan

Hannah graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and she started practicing yoga in 2017. She completed 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. 

Hannah's teaching style is smooth and interesting. She is grateful to meet yoga in her life, the practice purified and cleansed both her mind and body.

She believes that we will have a better understanding of ourselves through the yoga practice.

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Charisse Chan

Charisse is a dedicated yoga practitioner and aerialist. After training in both aspects, she knows how to improve body strength and flexibility at the same time. She believes that ‘If you never try, you will never know.’ She encourages students to try and hopes to explore the potential of everyone in class. She is a certified RYT200 yoga teacher and aerial hoop teacher. She teaches detox yoga, vinyasa and gentle stretch.

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Chloe Lee

Chloe is graduated from Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts - Bachelor of fine arts (Dance). She is a certified RYT200 yoga teacher and aerial yoga teacher. Chloe started learn and practice yoga in her college life. Practicing yoga made her feel peaceful , relax and calm.

Through the RYT200 teacher training , she obtained more knowledge about yoga not only the postures but also the spirit and attitude. Chloe aimed to share what she learned and found in yoga to her students.

​Pinky Chan

After experiencing first-hand how yoga can help one walk away from depression, Pinky has spent the last 4 years self-practicing yoga, hoping to dedicate herself to the craft and inspire others in doing the same. With 1 year of teaching experience, Pinky is a certified mat and aerial instructor who is not afraid to help student discover themselves through yoga in a welcoming environment.

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Elise Lam

Elise first started practicing aerial yoga/mat yoga since 2018. She is a certified RYT 200 yoga teacher in teaching mat yoga and wheel yoga; (also qualified in teaching aerial yoga and aerial hoop class. )
Elise believes that yoga would take you from the bustle of life into a peaceful world. You will gradually feel the changes in your body, which will become your attitude towards life.

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Kico Ng

Kico first tried doing yoga in 2013, when hot yoga was popular. But she didn't maintain her habit for a long time, only playing for a year or so before giving up. It wasn't until 2017 that she began to get in touch with aerial yoga.
However, after three years of exposure to aerial yoga, she gradually discovered the importance of mat yoga, the stability, flexibility and muscle strength. Therefore she attended the 200-hour yoga teacher training and aerial yoga teacher training courses to better understand herself mentally and physically.
In the process of practicing, remind herself and her students not to be persistent, not to get hurt, not to pursue too much, and everything takes time. Through the practice of yoga, she hopes everyone to discover their inner strength and gain overall wellness.

Ching Tsang

Ching has obtained RYT 200 & 300 hours yoga certificate and is also qualified to teach singing bowl, wheel and beginner aerial classes.

She is good at observing and adjusting students movement. Based on each student muscle’s mobility and flexibility to arrange appropriate asanas.

Let’s have fun and enjoy the yoga practice with Ching!

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