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All Time Package

  1. Applicable to all kinds of yoga classes (i.e. can book Aerial Yoga, Yoga Wheel or Mat Yoga classes).

  2. Each package is subject to a corresponding expiration period which starts running from the first booking.

  3. Maximum class capacity is 10 students. 

  4. We may cancel class if fewer than 2 students in a class. 

  5. Each package can be shared among family and friends.

  6. Students have to book classes in advance, no walk-in will be entertained.

  7. ​Please WhatsApp 91884435 for further enquiry.

  1. 全日套票適用於所有瑜珈課堂(即可預約空中瑜珈,瑜珈輪或地面瑜珈課)。

  2. 每個套票都有相應使用限期,由首堂起計。

  3. 每班最多容納10位同學。

  4. 若一班少於2位同學,我們可能取消該課堂。

  5. 每個套票都可以和家人及朋友共用。

  6. 所有課堂必須預約,恕不招待未經預約的同學。

  7. 請WhatsApp 91884435 查詢詳情。

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